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Tara Yoga Centre news;

Weekly Tantra Course

Rock Road Library, 69 Rock Road, Cambridge

Mondays @ 18:30 to 20:30

Try Tara ticket - £35. Try every course for a month!

Single Class - £13 One time fee

Full Membership Yoga - £45 Per Month

Full membership Yoga & Tantra - £67.50 Per Month

What you will learn;

In-depth exploration of the chakra system as a path of self-knowledge and development
The principle of resonance and how to transform every moment into an ecstatic experience
‘Riding the wild horse’ – controlling the sexual energy and the ‘stairway to heaven’
A great number of yoga and Tantric techniques to achieve specific results

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Autumn Short Order Retreat - In the Realm of the Tantric Guru - led by the Padmaloka Ordination Team

Retreat Open To: Dharmacharis (ordained men)

Padmaloka, Lesingham House, Surlingham, Norwich NR14 7AL
Thursday 8 October 2020 to Sunday 11 October 2020. The retreat starts with dinner on the first day at 6:30pm and finishes on the final day at about 2.30pm.
Urgyen Sangharakshita has described the Vajra Guru of the Tantra as “the authentic guru” or “the no-nonsense guru”, because he doesn’t mind what he does to the disciple, provided that it pushes him in the direction of direct experience and gets him away from himself. Lama Govinda characterises communication with the Tantric Guru as “the flashing forth of that all-maturing cosmogonic eros that introduces and continually supports the process of spiritual transformation.” In this retreat, we will explore this means for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, through talks, discussion groups, meditations and pujas and, above all, invoking the presence of the Guru.
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London South Women


Gay/Queer Midlands Wales North Scotland Ireland


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