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Tantric Soul Sundays - organized by Tara Le Mains


80 Euros

Tantric Soul Sundays is a coming together of kindred spirits meeting on a Sunday. A celebration of life, love and source energy.

Normally from 12 - 6pm on chosen Sundays we will meditate and practice Classical Tantric rituals to inspire peace, joy, connection and pure energy. To bask in the positive supportive and beautiful energy of the group in a safe environment within the tranquillity of nature.

There is no nudity during this session

More - www.artoftranscendence-tantra.com/tantric-soul-sundays.html



Dee Larsen news;

Women's Sexuality - Meet up


1st Wed of the Month

7.30 - 9pm.

£10 (no booking needed).

We have been resting over the summer but 4th September brings back our gorgeous Women's Sexuality meet which offers a safe and inspiring space to discuss all things about bodies and conscious sexuality. All who identify as women welcome,

on each - https://bodyconscious.me/events/



Shibari Play Party

Fri 6 December

19:00 – 22:00

Dublin 1

Club Price: €20 FETLIFE MEMBER ONLY (must be a Fetlife member for at least 6 months)

€90 MEN



A Shibari Play Party is a sweet sensual event where we gather to flirt, touch, massage, run Tantric energy, play, laugh, cry, share intimacy, vulnerability or whatever else spontaneously arises AND PLAY WITH ROPES!! We will go over some basic rope safety/technique in the opening circle. You do not need any experience to participate. AND you don't have to play with ropes, it's optional :) This is also a drug and alcohol-free party where we can relax and connect with like-minded people. More specifically it is a social laboratory to practice expressing what feels good and what doesn’t, asking to get your needs met, setting boundaries, and perhaps even overcoming rejection!

More - www.eventbrite.com/e/shibari-play-party-december-6th-tickets-82234083357




Anaiya Sophia event;

Sacred Body Awakening (women)

Slí na Bandé, County Wicklow

14th - 16th February 2020

10am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday

7 - 9 pm Valentines Introduction on 14th Feb

€333 for the weekend

Sacred Body Awakening is a Women Only gathering to remember "life in the Temple" and the ways of opening, healing, longing and awakening the full feminine force within the body. This workshop will open you to what you already know is inside of you, but just needs a little push (and permission) to actually embody it. This gathering would be for those who know their sacred purpose lies in the field of Temple Work, Sacred Touch, Anointing, Soothing, Somatic Touch, Sensuality, Passion and Power to illuminate the lost and forgotten parts of people bedraggled by our time.

More - https://anaiyasophia.com/events/sacred-body-awakening-sli-na-bande-co-wicklow


London South Women


Gay/Queer Midlands Wales East Anglia North Scotland


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