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Gay/Queer Midlands Wales East Anglia North Scotland Ireland



United Kingdom Tantra Groups/Centres etc

(Irish Republic websites included as a courtesy)

Academy Of Modern Tantra (Jennifer Surch, Elijah Khan), Milton Keynes,

Aisha Paris Smith, London,

Alchemy of Desire,

Ali Grace - Sex & Relationship Coaching, Manchester, Yorkshire,

All Life is Yoga,

Altogether Yoga (gay nude Yoga/Massage/Tantra), London,

Alto Sax Retreat Centre, Essex,

Alvoré (conscious dating), London,

Anaiya Sophia, London, Glastonbury (and continental cities),

Ankhkara Raye, Birmingham,

Annabel Newfield - Newfield Nest, Manchester,

Arktara, London,

Art of Being, London/Glastonbury (Alan Lowen) (sexuality, Tantra, relationship, soul and death workshops),

Art of Touch Ireland (Tantra links page),

Atlantis Reborn (Shirley-Ann Elizabeth Millar), Somerset,

Awake And Alive, Malvern/Bristol,

Awaken By Touch (for women by a man), London/Brighton,

Awakening Coaching (Cathy Rowan),,

Awakening Of The Sexual Self (Nina Powell) (women), Bristol,

Awakening Shakti, Matlock,

Azhagi Wellness (Amba Kali - Su Ram), Tunbridge Wells,,

Back To Sex (Eva Weaver), Brighton,,

Beck Thom (LGBT options), Wigston, Leicestershire,

Beyond Human Stories, Wiltshire,

Bhairava Yoga School (Somananda Moses Maimon/Liisa Maimon), London,,

Bindu Tantra London (gay/straight),

Bliss Festival (Beth Wallace), Dublin, Ireland,,

Body Conscious Ireland (Dee Larsen), Belfast, Dublin, Wicklow,

Bonobo Woodland (gay/straight), Nottingham,

Bound (BSDM classes - sometimes combined with Tantra), London,

Brighton Tantra,,

Buzzy Tantra/Quinta Sensual (straight/gay), Bristol, Brighton, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Somerset,

Cardiff Tantric Massage/Wales Tantric Massage,

Celestial Fire (women), Nottingham,

Celtic Tantra (Robert Osborn/Marta Emmitt), Oxford,

Centre Of Love And Enlightenment (Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire/Chintan Nobila), Weybridge, Surrey,,

Channelled Bliss (Tantra-type classes), London/south east,

Choose Bliss Now (Suta Bodhisatvaa), Dorset,

Christopher Gladwell, Bristol, Cornwall,

Circadian Rhythms (men/women), Doncaster,

Connecting to Tantra - Soul & Wisdom,

Conscious Awakening Somantic Sexology, Tipperary, Ireland,

Conscious Bliss (Becky Price), London/Guildford,

Conscious Connection/Cherries On Steel (BSDM options), Stroud, Shropshire, Bristol, Devon,,

Conscious Sexuality, London,

Cosmic Witch & Priestess of Cuda, Stourbridge, Worcestershire,

CUBU Yoga (Craig Brimmer) (GBTQIA+), London,

Dancing Universe/Dance Your Naked Truth (Tantra-type events) (Cloe Jackson), Bristol, Lewes, Sussex, Cerrig Llwyddion, Wales,

Dave Bevan, Bristol,

Declan Hammond, Dublin (Ireland),

Devaraj, London, Dorset,

Devi Yoga Dance, Cork, Ireland,

Diamond Light Tantra (Leora Lightwoman), London,

D.K. Green, Derbyshire/East Midlands,

Do The Groundwork, Bristol and South West,

Dynamic Yoga (Godfrey Devereux/Olivia Dev Crooks), London,,

Ebony And Ivory, London,

Ecstatic Dance Temple (Seth Newman), London,,

Electric Woman (near London),

Elemental Healing (Meranda Thompson), Sheffield,

Elena Angel, London,

Elliott Saxby, London/Brighton (clothes on work with men/clothes off or on work with women),

Emerald May, London,

Emerging Now, Brighton/Edinburgh,

Emma K Harper, Derbyshire,

Energetics Explained (Melissa Layton), London,

Enfolding (blog),

Esensual Sexology, Glasgow,

Eshana Spiers, East Sussex,,

Eternal Yoga - an Agama Yoga Branch (James Chard/Ania Paradowska), Norwich,

Eureka Naturist Club, Fawkham, Kent,

Every Body Loves, Glasgow/Edinburgh,,

Faeries of Albion (gay), London, Glastonbury, Northumberland,

Feminine Awakened (Rachel Whitehead) (Tantra/Tao) (women), Peaslake, Surrey,

Fiona Daly, County Wicklow, Ireland,

Fiona McCoss, London, Norfolk,

Frances Bentley, London,

Freedom Bridge, Yorkshire,,

Full Spectrum Tantra, Bristol,

Georgie Arabella, Stroud, Gloucestershire,

Gerard Ribo, London,
Glastonbury Goddess Temple,,

Glastonbury Tantric Temple, Somerset,

Goddess and Tantra meditation group, Leamington Spa,

Goddess of Love Womens' Circle (Priestess Moryanna aka Lynda Haigh), Yorkshire/Ireland,

Goddess Temple of Bala (women), Gwynedd,

Hamilton Hall (gay), Bournemouth,

Hanna Angell - Tantric & Conscious Sexuality Practitioner, London, Sussex, Bristol, Chester,,

Hanna Tantra, London,

Hannah Abend, London,

Healing Tao Britain (Barry Spendlove), Colwyn, North Wales,

Heart Connect (Nicola Williams), Sussex, Galway (Ireland),

Heart Nova (Julia Hancock), Brighton,

Heart Of Tantra (Jignasu Devamurti), Bristol,

Heart Space Sanctuary (Michael Blake/Claire Haugh), Galway, Ireland,

Heaven On Earth Eros (Gayatri Beegan), London, Bristol,,

Heaven Scent Bliss (Annie Day - uses Tantric & Taoist love-making techniques to assist her sex-therapy), Staffordshire,

Hippocrates Europe Health Institute, Drogheda, Ireland,

Holotropic Association (Mark Baugh) Dunfermline, Mayo, Newtownmountkennedy, Ireland,

Human Awareness Institute (Tantra-type organisation), Kent,

Humanistic Alchemy (Tantra-type classes), East Sussex,

Humaniversity Aum Meditation, London,

Hyarama (Tantra-type organisation),

Indian Wellness Academy, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire,

Insight For Wellbeing (Zeenat Sandra Cameron - Buddhist Tantra), Leeds,

Inspiritess (Michelle Roberton-Jones), Brighton,,

Institute Of Tantra/Tantrism Sexualitatis/Tantra Course London,

Institute Of Therapies Management (Tao), London,

Integrated Therapy - The Way of Tantra (Helena Ramsey), Brighton,

International Institute Of Tantra In London,,,,,,,

International School of Temple Arts - Ireland section, County Clare,

Intimate Being (Olivia Crooks), Brecon,

Intimacy Works, London,

Introducing Sexological Bodywork, London,

Ipsalu Tantra Ireland (Bill Linaker), Cork, Ireland,

I to I Authentic Relating (Laurie King/Emily Phillips) (lesbian and hetty), London/Bristol,

Jade Circle (women), (Bernadette Carelse/Liz Peart/Tanya McCormack), London/Wales,

Jade Eggs Global (UK vendor),

Jade Lotus – London Taoist Connection,,

Jade Temple Tao (Tanya McCormack), North Wales, Uttoxeter,

Jan Day, London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow,,, (alumni)

Jaya Shivani (Tantra/Tao), London,,

Jay Diamond, London,,

Jem Ayres, Glastonbury,


Jenny Keane, Dublin (Ireland),

Jessica Parker, London,

Joost van den Bergh (artist), London,

Journey Dance (Stella Stathi), London,

Joy Mittens/Conscious Intimacy Avalon, Glastonbury,,

Kadampa Buddhist Centres/About Tantra, Belfast, Bristol, Cheshire, Cumbria, Darlington, Derbyshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, High Wycombe, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, London, Manchester, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Reading, Scotland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Tyne and Wear, Wales, West Midlands, Worcester, Yorkshire,

Kai Helmich, London, Dublin (Ireland),

Kali Tantric Massage, Glasgow,

Kama Sundari, Dublin (Ireland),

Katie Sarra, Devon/London,,,,

Kent Goddess Group (women),

Kundalini Dance, Bristol, Stroud,

Lacey Haynes (women), London,
Lady Liquid Love (women), London,

Lakshmi Tantra Dublin (women), Ireland,

Laya Point, Broughton-in-Furness, Cumbria,

Limitless Cosmic Pleasure, Birmingham,

Lions And Lovehearts (Seani Fool) (BSDM options), London,

Lisa Anderson, London, Hertfordshire,

Living From The Heart (Tantra-type classes) (Aisha Ali), London,

Living In Love (Kalindi Jordan/Peter Warnock), Glastonbury, Bristol, Pilton, Wells,,

Living Love (Jewels Wingfield), Devon/Bristol/Newcastle/London/Shropshire,

Living Tao, Glastonbury,

Liz Bliss Cardash - True Bliss, Milton Keynes/Stroud,

London Sacred Sexuality Meetup,

London Skool Of Tantra (gay), (Seb Cox),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

London Tantra And Tao (James Khan),

London Tantra Meetup Group,

Lorna McLean (men/women/couples), Glasgow,

Lotus Tantra Dating (straight and gay events), London/St Albans,

Louise de Caux, Cambridge,

Louise Mazanti, London,

Love Erotic Therapy/Komaja/Mahadev, Dorset,,

Lovemaking Tantra Style (Stella Ralfini), London,

Loving Life (Julia Hollenbery), London,,

Loving Men (Gay men Tantra-type events), Wales, Scotland,

Loving Touch Tantra (Amanda Lyons) Bristol/Huddersfield,,,,,,,,,

Lucid Love Tantra (Roxana Hewett/Vincent Hewett), London/Newcastle,

Lucy Rowett, Eastbourne,

Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman, Cork (Ireland),

Making Love with God, Oxford,

Mantak Chia Taoist Training Centre (Kris Deva North), London,,

Marc Peridis - Orgasmic Shaman (gay), London,

Massage 33 (gay/straight), London,,

Meditation Alchemy/Energy Enhancement (Tantra-type classes) (Swami Satchidanand/Devi Dhyani),

Meditation Plus, London,

Men and Women Who OM, London,

Men In Touch (gay), London,

Michael Charming, London,

Mike Lousada, London,

Moving Energy (Al Head) (queer), London, Bristol, Devon,

Mudra (Rob Preece/Anna Preece), Devon/Bristol/Holy Island,

My Pleasure (shop), Glastonbury,

Naked Healing For Men (gay), Brighton,,

Naked Spirit (for men/women by a man), Nuneaton/Coventry/Birmingham,

Natalie Ford - The Temple Witch, London & Orpington,

Natural Body Magic (Siobhan Lavelle), Dublin, Ireland,

New Tantra/Unimacy Tantra (Anastacea Koudrie/Lara Anderson), London,

Ninth Wave/Irish Order of Thelema, (Ailish Farragher), Ireland, Belfast,

Nisha Ramayya (Tantric poetics) London,

Norfolk Goddess Temple - Temple Of Andraste (women),

Nurture Business (mindfulness, touch, bodywork, Tantra, reiki), Altrincham,

On Cloud Zen (Sarah Bladen), London,

One Heart Tantra (Lynn Paterson), Cork, Ireland,

Ookushana (Felicity Weston), Leeds,,

Open To Life (Tim Broughton), Norfolk,,

Open Wing (Ena Xena/Gammadian Freeman), London,

Osho Anandbodhi Meditation Centre, London,

Osho Camp, Gravesend,

Osho Cork (Ireland),

Oshonic Tantric Social Chakra, London,

Osho In UK, Cardiff,

Osho Ireland (Dublin/Meath),

Osho Leela, Gillingham (in Dorset not Kent),

Osho Sammasati (Maneesha James), Buckfastleigh, Devon,

Osho Shubham Meditation Centre, London,

Padma Deva, London/Brighton, (Tantric surrogate healing programmes for single men, women and couples), (for men), (lesbian women who want to explore with other women), (for women)

Paul Cowlan, Cheltenham,

Paul Jenner (writer),

Philip O'Donohoe, Crewe,

Phoenix Rising, Newbold, Scotland.

Pleasure Institute, London,

Pleasure Lab (Gyan Nisarg), Norwich/Brighton,,,

Pleasure Potential (Pauline McCluskey), Exeter, Stroud,

Priestess Katinka Soetens, Somerset,,

Pure Being (kundalini yoga & Osho meditation), Lincoln,

Quantum Love Healing (Maria Gatinho), Dorset,

Queer Hearted (gay) (Amanda Gay Love), London,

Quest (Gay men Tantra-type events),

Quodoushka, Herefordshire,

Real Tantra London,

Rebecca Lowrie, Gloucestershire,,

Reiki Jin Kei Do - Elemental Healing (Meranda Thompson), Sheffield,

Richmond Meditation Center/From Osho with Love (Donald Deakin), London,

Rita Hraiz, Glastonbury,

Robbie Griffin, Devon, Louth (Ireland),

Sacred Light Tantra, north west,

Sacred Love Relationships (Piers Cross and Michelle Dawn Silcox), Hebden Bridge,,

Sacred Sexual Awakening (Shaft Uddin), London,

Sacred Sexuality - Sacred Space (Chaitanya Tantra Sarjana),

Sacred Touch (Gillian Alexander), Glasgow/Strathclyde,,

Sacred Yoni Cornwall (men and women),

Saffiere, Kent,

Sahaja - Centre for Tantra, Wiltshire,

Samantha Zipporah (women), Ludlow, Wales,

Sannyas News, London,

Sapphic Tantra (lesbian), London,

Sarah Devika (women), Sheffield,

Sarah Horswell, (jade egg practice for women), Devon,

Sarah Rose Bright (Tao), Liverpool/Manchester,

School of Intimacy, Consciousness and Self-Awareness (ICASA)/Quantum Sex (David Brown), London,

School of Sensual Arts (Henika Patel), London,

Secret Garden (Joy Hicklin-Bailey), Gloucestershire,

Secret Sauce Angel (Angel Arts),

Selwyn Warren, Brighton,

Sensuality Sensei, Liverpool, Wirral, Manchester, North Wales, Cheshire,

Sex Club (Chloe Wisdom), London,,

Sexological Bodywork Training UK, Devon,

Shakti Dance (women) (Jo Nimrita, Angela Jillians, Maite Alonso), Brighton, Dorset, East Grinstead & Forest Row, Glastonbury, London, Kent, Totnes,

Shakti Sundari, London,

Shakti Tantra (Hilly Spenceley/Sue Newsome), Cornwall/Devon/Gloucestershire/London/Midlands/Merseyside/Liverpool/Lancashire/Northamptonshire,,

Shakti Wellness Studio (women), Belfast,

Sheffield Goddess Temple (women),

Shekina Ray, London,,

Shiva Shakti Embodied Awakening (Rose Skelton Pearson/Jon Skelton Pearson), Brighton,

Shiva Shakti Mandalam, Tantra texts (Mike Magee),

Shivani Touch (women), London,,

Shokti/Queer Spirit (gay - "queer son of Shakti"), London,,

Sill Of The Door (Robin Baldock), Cae Mabon, Wales,

Sister Tibebwa, England, Ireland,

Soma, Dublin, Ireland,

Soma Tantra Center, Edinburgh,,

Soma Yoga Scotland,

Sonalle Creativity/Embodied Moves, London,

Sophie Bashford, Garth Barns, Llaniloes, Wales,

Sorcerer Guru (for women by a man), London, Berkshire, Bristol, South Wales,

Soul Of Men (heterosexual), London,

Soul Tantra UK,

South West Tantra (directory),

Spirit Horse Village (Shivam O'Brien), Wales,

Spiritual Singles UK ("meet your soul-mate, twin flame, Tantric partner, and/or life partner"),

Starlight Temple, London,

Stella With Love (Stella Anna Sonnenbaum), London,

Sunshine Tantra, London,

Sy & Ash Balderson, Bristol,

Systems Of Spirit (author),

Tantac (Tantra and Tachyon) (Karen Fraser), London,!forum/tantac-power-of-now

Tantra - A Path Of Awakening (Golam Shahadat Bitu), London,

Tantra Awakenings (Mark Sutton), Portlaoise, Dublin (Ireland),

Tantra Bridge, Dublin (and Tenerife),

Tantra Brighton/Lewes,

Tantra Coach, Hertfordshire,

Tantra Community UK,

Tantra Cork, Ireland,

Tantra Edinburgh/Awaken Love (James Stevenson),,

Tantra Energy, London,

Tantra Essence (Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita), Dorset/Birmingham,,

Tantra 4 Gay Men, London,,,

Tantra Heart (Steph Magenta), Manchester,,

Tantra In The UK And Ireland - Facebook group -

Tantra Link (UK links page),,

Tantra London Practitioners,

Tantra Magazine UK,

Tantra Sheffield,

Tantra Sound Club, London,

Tantra Spiritual Harmony (Saby Harmony), London,,

Tantra Veda (products by mail-order),

Tantra Wales,

Tantra Yoga Ireland, County Wicklow/County Kerry,

Tantra Yoga Love, London,

Tantric Circle (course database),

Tantric Ecstatic London,

Tantric Journey, London,

Tantric Massage, London/Worthing,

Tantric Path (John Hawken), London/Cornwall/Manchester,,,

Tantric Shaman and Sun Dragon Shamanic Breathwork (Elaine Young), London,,,

Tantric Temple Nights : Tribe in Edinburgh,

Tantric Therapy (Alexey Kuzmin), London,

Tantrika Books/Events, St Ives, Cornwall,

Tantrika Training UK/Back To The Earth Belly Dance (Vicky Vibrance),,,

Tao Companion (Sole Satya), Stroud,

Tao Spiral Tantra (Shashi Solluna),

Tao Treasures (Marion Hill), London, Devon,

Tara Yoga Centre (Indradhanu Ashram/Maria Porsfelt/Morgan Arundel), London/Oxford,,,

Temple Fire Tantra (massage for men - group for women), Stroud (also Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath),

Touch And Play, Somerton, Somerset,

Transcendence Authentic Tantra (Martin Katz-Jelfs/Hanna Katz-Jelfs), Salisbury/London,,,

Transcendence Yoga (Gary Tranter) (Kashmir Shaivism), Sedgley, Staffordshire,

Triskele Heart Healing (Orla Quinn), County Clare, Ireland,

United Kingdom Tantra Festival, London,,

United Kingdom Tantra Resources Page (links),

Universal Tao Ireland, Dublin,

Urban Tantra In London (Barbara Carrellas),

Vanya Silverten, London,

Vena Ramphal, London,,

Venus Women (Catherine Dunworth) (women), London,

Viryam Faithful-Robertson/Ania Szymanska, London,

Vital Arts Studio Life Arts (John Scott Petty), Kent,

Wild Sacred Feminine (Sonja Shradha Devi) (women), Brighton,

Wild Women, Manchester,

Wisdom Through Pleasure (Jacques Marais), London,

Yab Yum (Karla Newbey writes about her journey into Tantra),

Yoga Waves (Tantra & Yoga for Couples),

Yoni Healer (UK jade egg mail-order vendor),

Yoni Shakti/Womb Yoga (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli) (women), London/Ireland,,

Yoni Wellness Clinic (women), Thetford,

Your Tantric Touch, London,,

Zari Love, London, Oldham,



United Kingdom Tantra Massage Services

(Irish Republic websites included as a courtesy)

Abigail (men/couples), Leamington Spa, Warwickshire,

Absolute Pleasure (Kareena), Norwich,  Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire,

Adelle, London,

Adrian 4 Love (for women), Falkirk, Stirling, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, Dundee,

Adriani, London,!massage/

Afternoon Delight (male/female by a man), Kent,

Aisha Tantric Massage, London,

Alchemy As Sensual, London,

Alejandro Narbona (gay), London,

Alex - Male Massage and Waxing (gay/straight/bi), London,

Alexandra, London,

Alexandra, London,

Alex Olds (yoni steaming), Sussex,

Alexia's Secret Massage, London,


Amazon Retreat Online, London,

Amber Agha - Sacred Union Sessions, London,

Amelia Grace, London,

Amelia Griffiths, London,

Amelie - Tantra Goddess, London,

Amour Tantric London,

Amy - Mature Sensual Masseur, Herts, Essex, Beds,

Amy - Pampering Angels, London,

Amy Sensual Massage, London,

Anabelle, Surrey,

Ananda Tantra, Berkshire/Hampshire,,

Anand Subhuti (author and past disciple of Osho),

Ancient Asian Body Massage (for men/women by women), London/Belfast,

Angel, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bristol,

Angelina Croft - Tantric Massage London,

Angels Of Bayswater, London,

Angels of Massage, London,

Angels Touch Massage, London,

Anka, London,

Anna, London,

Anne Erotic Tantric Massage, London,

Annu Tara, Edinburgh,

Anthony Oliver - My Tantric Massage, (men/women), London,

Anya's Tantric Therapy, London,

Aphrodite Massage, London,,

Arabella Danish Touch Massage, London,

Aria Plaisance, London, Cambridge, Dublin (Ireland),

Arielle (BSDM) , London,

Art Massage London (gay/straight),

Ashley English Ebony Goddess, London,

Ashley's Massage, Swindon,

Asia Massage Outcall, London,

Asia Mystic Sweety, London,,

Asian Deluxe Massage, London,

Asian Girl, London,

Asian Nuru Escort, London,

Asian Oriental Massage, London,

Asian Paradise Massage, London,

Asian Relaxing Massage,

Asian Rose Massage, London,

Audrey - Prive Voyage, London,

Aussie Male Escort (gay), London,

Authentic Tantric Massage (Hari Trivedi) (for men and women by a man), Leicester,

Avis Babes, London,

Awakening Your Inner Essence, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Northumbria,,,

Awaken The Woman (for women by a man), London,

Beautiful Spa, London (and Dubai),

Bella, London,

Bespoke Massage, London,

Bespoke Tantric Massage, London,

Best Tantric Massage Glasgow,

Birte Nachtwey (Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay, Scotland),

Black Mistress Nicole BSDM, London,

Bliss Body To Body, London,

Bliss Bodywork (Ambika Alessandra Bosna), Glastonbury,

Bliss Massage Manchester,

Blue Monday, London,

Blue Ocean Massage, London,

Body Rub London,,

Body To Body London,

Bournemouth Massage,,

Bournemouth's Male 4 Male Massage & Erotic Services (gay) (also in Poole),,

Breanna, Basingstoke,,

Brighton Dolls,

Bristol Tantric Massage,

Bristol Yoni (by a man),

British Tantra Network,,

Bubbles Massage, Nottingham,

Buried Pleasure (Michael Dresser), Scottish Highlands,

Butterfly Oriental Sensual Massage, London,

Butterfly Touch, London,,

Calm Of Tantra, London,

Cambridge Massage for Women (by John), Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk,,

Camilla, London,

Camilla Constance, London,


Canary Wharf Tantric, London,

Carezzia, London,

Carmen Sue, London,

Carole George, Glasgow,,

Cassandra's Massage, London,

Catalina, London,

Celestial Soul, Sandhurst (in Kent not Berkshire),

Celina, London,

Chakras Touch (Jill Sullivan), Edinburgh,

Charlotte Harrington, Cardiff,,

Chase Massage London,

Cherry Touch, London,

Chloe Tantric London,

Chris Massage For Men (gay), London,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

City Sensual (men/women), London,,,

Clarklands Naturist Spa, Hertfordshire,

Claudia, London,

Claudia Taylor (BSDM options), London,

Cosmic Tantra Healing, Aylesbury,

Conscious Connections Therapy, Brighton,

Creatress - London Tantric massage therapist,

Crystal Yoni Temple (jade eggs for sale),

Cute Oriental, London,

Dakini Amala, Bristol, London,

Dakini Belle, Dublin, Boyle, Roscommon, Ireland,

Dakini Dea Tantra, Ireland,

Dakini Doulas - Soulful Pregnancy, Birth and Post-Partum Support, Bristol/Frome and South West,

Dakini Goddess (lesbian), London,

Dakini Kimaya, London,,

Dare To Dream (Neemisha Naugah), (Tantra and Tao), London,

David Serqueira - Sensual Tantric Massage For Women, Cambridge,

Delight Tantric Massage, Glasgow,,

Deluxe M Tantric, London,

Deluxe Tantric, London,

Devon Tantric Massage By Katrina, (West Country) (men/women),,,,

Diamond Tantric Massages, London,

Divine Body Bliss (Ma Deva Tara), London,

Divine Devotion (Lisa Collins), Bristol,

Divine Ground Tantra (Abi O’Donovan), Dublin/Wicklow, Ireland,

Divine Life Yogini, London,

Divine Tantra (Dakini Kalyani), Yorkshire,,,,

Divine Theratrix (BSDM options), London,

Dolls And Roles, London,

Domination Room (BSDM options), London,

Dublin Tantra Massage, Ireland,

Ecstasy In Agony (Claire Black)(BSDM), London,

Ecstatic Joy Temple, London,

Edinburgh Yoni Massage (for women by a man),

Edra Sage, London,

Elina, London,

Elite Asian Massage, London,

Ella Experience, London,

Emassage (gay), Staines/London,

Embodied Spirit (Yael Shtainer), London (and New York and Tel Aviv),

Emilia Lilly Tantric Massage, Dublin, Ireland,

Emily - Tantra & Somatic Sex Education, Devon,

Emma, London,

Emotional Detox Reiki Tantra Yoga (Patricia Shiva), London,

Empress Magdalene aka The Black Madonna aka Queen Of Tantra, North Wales & Chester,


Energy Flow Balance (Tao), Liverpool,

Erika's Delight - Massage Next Door, London,

Eros Massage London,,,

Erotic Adult Massage, London,

Erotic Incall Massage, London,

Erotic Joy London,

Erotic Massage Dublin/Tantra Massage Dublin,

Erotic Massage London,

Erotic Massage London,

Erotic Massage, London,

Erotic Massage Temple London,

Escorts Actually, London,

Esquires Massage, London, Leeds, Manchester, Wakefield,

Eternity Tantric Massages, London,

Euphoric Joy Temple, London,

Eva Tantric Goddess, London,

Eve Peaks, London,,

Exclusive Massage in London,

Experience Tantra, Bolton,

Extreme Pleasure, London,

Feminine Tantra (and Tao), London,

Fernando Kalliope (for ladies by a man), London,

Fetish Ella (BSDM), London,

50 Shades Of Tantra - Natalie (for women by a woman), Surrey,

Fig Leaf Massage (gay), Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire,

Fire Fly Tantra (gay), London,

First Class Massage, London,

Forever Tantric, London,

Four Handed Massage (Harmony Coglin and Landa Ananda Love), Totnes, Devon,,

4 You Massage (gay/straight), London,

Foxy Tantric Massage, London,,

Freya's Secret, Bury St Edmunds,

Friendly Male Massage (for men and women by a man), London,

From Felicia (jade eggs for sale etc),

Gala Vanting (BSDM options), London (and Sydney),

Garden Of Eden, Birmingham,

Gay Massage London By Malay Boy,

Gay Massage Northwest,

Gay Masseur London,,

Gina Escort Mature, London,

Gina Tantric, London,

Goddess Kink (BSDM options), London (and Chicago),

Goddess Massage, Essex,

Goddess Of Sensual Touch In Dublin (Tara Le Mains), Ireland,,,,,

Gold Tantric London,

Go Massage London,,

Gorgeous Lily, London,

Gracefull Tantra (and Tao), London,

Graham Stevenson (for women/men/couples by a man), Bristol, London,

Great Life Coach (for men and women by a man), London,

Greg Mitchell (gay), London,,

Guilty Pleasures (men/women), London,

Guys Male Massage Cornwall (gay),

Hampshire Massage,

Hands 4 Health, Reading/Guildford,

Hannah Rosemary, London,

Happy London Massage,

Happy Massage,

Hawaiian Nurture (for men and women by a woman), Uckfield,

Healing Hands (for men/women by a man), London,

Healing Hands (Inge Westerlinck) Skelton, Yorkshire,

Healing You, Crowthorne, Berkshire,

Health Touch, London,

Heavenly Naturist Massage, West Sussex,

Holistic Hands Wellness Centre, Wolverhampton,

Home Massage (gay), Washington (Tyne & Wear),

Hotel Massage, London,

Hush Massage, Nottingham,

Hyde Park Tantric, London,

Inbar Jeffery (she's a woman), Cowes, Isle of Wight,

Intimate Consent (for women, couples, and men by a man) (BSDM options), London,

Isabella, London,

J’adore Tantric London (men, women, couples),

Jake Male Escort (for women), London/Medway,

Japanese Massage Escort, London,

Japanese Massage House, London,

Jasmin Asian Massage, London,

Jasmine's Naturist Massage, Farnham,

Jazz, Gravesend, Kent,

Jennifer, London,

Jerome The Genuine Masseur (for women by a man), London,

Jess BBW Massage (check her touring schedule),

John Picard, Galway/Mullingar/Athlone/Roscommon, Ireland,,

Joy Tantric Massage London,

Julia, London,

Kalyss Mercury (BSDM), London (and other international cities),

Kama Sutra Massage, Dublin, Ireland,

Kammaru (for women), Leeds,

Karina, London,

Karma Massage And Spa, Dublin (Ireland),

Karma Tantric (for men/women), London,

Kate Ellen, Surrey/London,

Katie Love Of London,

Kerry O'Sullivan (for women and couples by a woman), Kent,,

Kiko, London,

Kimberley's Sensual Relaxing Rejuvenating Massage, London,

Kim Haynes, Northampton,

King's Cross Tantra, London,

Kitt Maguire (works mostly with female LGBTQIA+), Margate, London,,

Kristina (BSDM options), Huddersfield,,

Kundalini Tantra Massage, Birmingham,

Kym Sensual Massage, London,

Ladybirds, Manchester,

Lady Crystal,

Lady Phoenix (BSDM options), London,

Lady Pink Naturist Massage, Southampton, Bournemouth,,

Larissa Massage, London,

Lauren, London,

Lavish Tantric, London,

Layla Massage (for both men and women - women are offered either a female or male masseur), London,

Lesbian Spa, London,

Letizia Miro (BSDM options), London,

Liberation Massage (gay), Manchester,

Light Touch, Dublin, Ireland,,,,

Lilith Knight, London,

Lisa Grezo (men/women/couples), Newcastle,

Lisa's Tantric Massages, London,

London Asian Escort Girl,

London Asian Outcall Massage,

London Body To Body Nuru,

London Female Massage (by a man),

London Mobile Massage,

London Nude Massage Cloud 9,

London Pleasure Parlour,

London Sensual Massage,,,

London Tantra Massage,,,

London Tantric,

London Tantric Angels (men/women),

London Tantric Masseuse (Nerea Leiva),

London Tantric Nymphs,

Lotus Nguyen, Brighton,

Lotus Tantric Massage, London,

Louisa MacInnes, London,

Love Nuru, London,

Love Tantra London/Love Tantra Manchester,,

Lucinda, Manchester,

Lucy Lovelace, West Sussex,

Lucy's Naturist Massage, Hertfordshire,,

Lucy, Stoke,

Lucy Tantric Escort, London,

Lust Tantric Massage London,

Luv Asian Massage, London,

Luxurious Body Massage, London,

Madame Massage, London,

Magdala Heals Service (Elizabeth HB Higgs),

Maggie Ross - Kensington Massage Reiki, London,

Magic Heart Tantra, London,

Magic Touch, Portsmouth,

Magnus - Gay Tantra Companion, London,

Male For Male Massage (gay), London,

Male Massage For BBW (by a man),

Male Masseur Manchester (gay),

Male Masseurs London (for men/women by men),

Male Naked Massage (gay), London,

Maltings Naturist Spa, Hertfordshire,,

Man Alive In Manchester (Hans Slider) (gay),

Manchester City Tantric Massage,

Man On The Couch (gay), Southampton,

Marianne Simonin, London,,

Massage Abingdon,

Massage By Paul (gay), Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset,,

Massage For Man (gay), Dublin,

Massage For Men (gay), Edinburgh,

Massage For Men Edinburgh (gay),

Massage 4 Beauty, Inverness,

Massages Galway (Ireland),

Massage Her (women/couples), London,

Massage Ireland (gay), Dublin, Ireland,

Massage Manchester,

Massage Service, South Lincolnshire,

Massage Women (for women by a man - covers most parts of England),

Massages Hull, (men/women),

Masseur For Ladies (and couples/lesbians by a man), all UK mainland,

Masseur London (gay),,

Matthew Harrington Massage Therapy, Bristol,,

Matt At Lotus (gay), Manchester,

Mature Chicks Rock (London links),

Max Tantric Massage (for men/women by men/women), London,

Maya Massage Studio, London,

Maya/Julia, London,

Men Sensual (gay), Kemptown,

Me Time (for women by a man), London, Kent, East Sussex,

Mia, London,

Mia Honey, London,

Michael Massage (for men/women by a man), London,

Milly Striker, London (and other international cities),

Minx Massage, London,

Mirela Mature, London,,

Mistress Bryce Jones (BSDM), Manchester,

Mistress Dahlia (BSDM), Manchester,

Mistress Eve/Escort Elle (BSDM), London,,

Mistress Luna's Universe BSDM, London, email - [email protected]

Mistress Octavia (BSDM), London,  Tel - 0701 000 7399

Mobile Tantric Therapy, London,

Monique Solcher (Monika), London,

My UK Massage (links),

Naked Hero Yoga (gay), London,

Naked Room, London,

Naked Tantra, London,

Naomi - Tantra Moments, Cheltenham,

Natasha Tantric Massage, London,

Natural Naturist Massage, Warwickshire,

Naturally Sensual Tantra (gay), West Row/Mildenhall area (IP28),

Naturist Massage UK By Simon (for women), London/Surrey,,,

Naturist Paradise, London,

Naturist Spa and Massage Centre, Royston, Hertfordshire,

Naughty Fingers, London,

Naya Lalita, London (and other international cities),

Nefertiti Tantric, London,

New Malden Massage,

NKD Massage (for men and women by a man), Kent,

Noble Tantric London,

North London Massage,

Nude Therapy, London,

Nurture By Touch (Jon Gosling),

Nuru Fantasy, London,

Nuru Massage Cardiff,

Nuru Stars London,

Nuru Touch, London,

NW1 Masseur (gay), London,

Ooh Ah (for women by a woman), London,

Open Lotus Sex and Wellbeing (Tao) (Francine Clare), Manchester,

Orchid Tantric Massage - Extatica, London,

Orgasm Coach (Lisa Turner),,

Oriental Massage Belfast,

Oriental Massages, London,

Oscar (gay), London,

Outcall Massage London,

Pacific Massage, Manchester,

Paradise Massage, London,

Pearl, London,

Peter Aziz Shamanism, Devon,

Pete Masters (gay), London,

Physio Bliss Massage With Lana, South Yorkshire/North Nottinghamshire,

Pleasure Potential Power (Sian Johnson), West Yorkshire,

Practical Tantra, London,

Premium Tantric Massage, London,

Priestess Angel/Priestess Miriam, London,

Privy Massage, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Nottingham,

Pro Massage, South Yorkshire,

Prostate Joy (by a naturist woman), London,,

Pure Tantra (gay), Cork (Ireland),

Pure Tantric, London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle,,,,,

Pure Yoga Center, London,

Queens Tantric Massage, London,

Queer Sex Coach (formerly Rosie Heart), London,,

Rachel Gold, London,

Raisa Breslava, London,

R and W Holistic Therapies (Wendy Oakes) (men/women/couples), Birmingham,

Real Taoism, (Chris Ray Chappell), London,

Regina 4 U, London,

Relaxation Station, London,

Relax Massage, London,

Renata, London,

Rosa Maxwell, London,

Rose Bonham Carter (women), London,

Rose Petals Tantric And Sensual Massage, Newquay,

Rosie Tantric massage, Manchester,

Roxy, London,

Ruby, London,

Ruby Lane, Stoke,,

Sacred Body, Wales/Bristol,

Sacred Holistic Therapies, London,

Sacred Touch Tantric Massage (by a trans woman), Gloucester,,

Sadie O'Shea, London,

Samantha Thrower, London/Brighton,

Sandra, London,

Sage (London and other international cities),

Sakura, London,

Samira, London,

Sara, London,

Sara Bhavani, London/Worcestershire,

Sarani Premanjali, London,,

Satin Tantra Massage Centre (men, women, couples), London,,

Savor London Massage,

Secret Tantric Massage, London,

Sensational Massages, London, Surrey, Manchester,

Sensitive Wellness Massage Therapy Centre, Dublin Ireland,

Sensual Adventure, London,

Sensual And Tantric Massage, London/Essex,

Sensual Bodyworks (Sensual, Tantric & Yoni Massage for Women & Couples), Leicestershire,

Sensual Connection (a couple), Colchester,

Sensual Delight, Eastbourne,,

Sensual Erotic Gay Massage In London,

Sensual Gay Massage Incalls in Acton, London,

Sensual Liaisons (for women by a man), Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire/Milton Keynes/Buckinghamshire/London,

Sensual Massage, Birmingham,

Sensual Massage in Dublin (and Galway) by Joy,

Sensual Massage In London,,

Sensual Massage Ipswich,

Sensual Massage, London,

Sensual Massage Sussex,

Sensual Massage Therapy, London,

Sensual Pleasures, Hampshire,

Sensual Sensations, Manchester,

Sensual Tantra Massage, London,

Sensual Touch, Essex,

Sensual Visiting Massage (for women by a man), London/Surrey/Berkshire/Middlesex/Kent/Hampshire,,,

Sensuous, London,,,,

Serenity Touch Tantric Massage Services, Belfast,

7th Heaven Asian Massage, London,

Sexy Asian Massage, London,

Sexy London Male (for women by a man),,

Shakti Tantric Massage, London,

Shamila Tantric Massage, London,

Shelki (Lorraine Crookes), Kent,

Sheridans Of Salford,

Sierra, London,

Silk Massage Center, Edinburgh,

Silky Massage, London,

Simone Pitchon Healing Sessions, London,

Skin Map Sensual Massage (for men and women by a man), Brighton,

Skin Tantric London,

Sky Tantric Massage, London,

Slow Sexuality, London,,

Sofia Barcelona CMT, London,

Sofia's Sensual Massage, London,

Sofia's Sky Dancing Sessions, London,,

Soho Masseur (gay), London,

Sophia Massage - Tantric Sensual Massage, Manchester,

Sophie, London,

Soul Contact, Brentwood,

Soul Spirit - Sacred Sexuality (Maya Rose), Midleton, County Cork, Ireland,

Soulution Therapist, Waterford, Ireland,

Source Massage (for women by a man), London, Jersey (also Florida),

Southend Tantric Massage (for women by a man),

Spa Diamond Deluxe, Nottingham,

Spicy Massage, Barnet,

Stefan Bliss (for women by a man), London,

Stephanie (Scorcher Legs), North Wales,

Stephanie's Secrets (on request), Leeds,

Sue, Ipswich,

Sugar Babe Massage, London,

Su-ji Ku, London,

Surrey Oriental Escort,

Sweet Elena, London,

Synchronicities (David McMahon) (for women and couples by a man), London,

Tamar Raphael, London,

Tania Gallindo, London,

Tantra And Erotic Massage In Glasgow With Veronica,

Tantra & Yoni Massage (for women by a man), London,

Tantra Bournemouth (for women by a man),

Tantra By Tarryn, Bristol,

Tantra 4 Ladies (for women by men), Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bristol, Gloucester, Bath, South West,

Tantra Goddess (links), London,

Tantra Healing London (for men and women by a woman),

Tantra Ireland (for men and women by a woman),

Tantra Lising, London,,

Tantra Living, London,

Tantralize (UK Tantra massage directory),

Tantra Massage In Cornwall,

Tantra, Massage, Scar Remediation, Energy & Bodywork by Joseph Allen, London,

Tantra Midlands Unique (near Nuneaton),

Tantra Repair Massage (Graham Gallagher - so for women by a man), Leatherhead,

Tantra Sacred Healing (Dakini Sol), London,

Tantra UK Massages (couples, men, women), Southend,

Tantra Wild (Tantra/Tao - men/women/couples), UK/Ireland,

Tantra Wonderland London,

Tantric Ads London (links),

Tantric And Erotic Massages In London - Guide, Link text

Tantric And Yoni Massage (by women), Lancashire,

Tantric Bliss (men/women/couples), London,

Tantric Bodywork by Tamsin, Folkestone,

Tantric Collective London,

Tantric Desires (Goddess Lana), Sheffield, Chesterfield,

Tantric Dolls, London,

Tantric Euphoria (gay), London,

Tantric Eva Massage, London,

Tantric Francesca, London,

Tantric Goddess Athena, Hertfordshire,

Tantric Glow, Cardiff & Penarth,

Tantric Healing, London,

Tantric Healing, The Wirral/Liverpool/Chester/Manchester,

Tantric Healing Therapy (directory),

Tantric Journey 4 Men (gay), London,,

Tantric Kinkster (queer), North West England,

Tantric Male/Sir Dave (gay), Wolverhampton,,

Tantric Massage Belfast City Centre,

Tantric Massage By Mel, Bristol,

Tantric Massage For Women By Julian, Worthing, Sussex,

Tantric Massage In London,,,

Tantric Massage London,

Tantric Massage, London,,

Tantric Massage London,

Tantric Massage London 4 You,

Tantric Massage London Mature,

Tantric Massage London UK,

Tantric Massage North Wales,

Tantric Massage Temple, London, Link text, Link text

Tantric Massage Therapy In Hertfordshire,

Tantric Moment, London,

Tantric Orgasms massage (for women and couples by a man),

Tantric Paradise, London, Link text

Tantric Pleasure, London,

Tantric Pleasures, London,

Tantric Ritual By Lily Lotus/Tantric Network, London,

Tantric 69 Massage London,

Tantric Soul (gay), London,

Tantric Tease, Manchester,

Tantric Temperance (Sneha Vincent) (art), Ascot,

Tantric Therapy, London,,,

Tantric Times, Glasgow,

Tantric Tingles (links), London,

Tantric Tools (yoni wands, yoni eggs and G spot wands),

Tantric Touch, London,

Tantric Waves, London,

Tantric Wisdom (Carmelle Znow), London/St Leonard's,

Tantric Zone (for women by a man), London,

Tantrika Celeste, London,

Tanya Eden, London,

Tanya's Massage, London,

Tanya's Tantric Massage, London,

Taoist Masseur (gay), London,

Tamsin James, Cheltenham,

Tashizelle Monroe, London (and Los Angeles),

Tatiana London,

Teertha Ordish, Dingle, Ireland,,,

Temple Spa 21, Liverpool,

Theo (men/women), Hastings,

Therapy Touch, Dublin, Wicklow, (Ireland),

Time Out Therapies (Bri and Val Richards) (for men, women, and couples), Runcorn,

TJ Tantra (gay), London,

Tomaz Mueller The Tantric Yogi (gay), London,

Touch Of Happiness (men/women/couples), London,

Touch Of London (gay),

Tower Bridge Babes Massage, London,

Tranquil State (gay), London,

Tranquility Massage (men/women/couples), Sussex, Surrey, Kent,,,,

Trojan Horse Massage, London,

True Tantric, London (and Singapore),

True Tantric Sensual Erotic Man To Man Massage (gay), London,

Turiya Tantra, Shaftesbury, Dorset,,

UK Tantric Massage Directory (links),

Ultimate Beauty, Warrington,

Ultimate Tantric Massage, Manchester,

Upscale Massage, London,

Urban Tantra Massage, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, London, Oxford, Berkshire,

Vanilla Tantric, London,

Victoria, London,

Victoria Massage London,
Vintage Twisted Tantra (BSDM options), Wakefield,

Visiting Home Massage Service for Ladies (by a man), Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire,

Viva Street Massage, London,

Voux (for women by a man), London,

Water Lily Holistic Massage, London,

Welsh Belle (Charlotte Harrington), Cardiff,

Winchmore Hill Sensual Massage, London,

Winks, London,,

Winston's Massage Parlour, Leeds,

Woodlands Naturist Spa, Chelmsford,

YKU Massages, London,

Yoni Lingam Massage In Kent,

Yoni Massage for Ladies by a Lady, Gloucester, Worcester, Hereford,

Yoni Massage Manchester (for women by a man),

Yoni Master (for women by a man), London,

Yoni Steam (women), Norfolk,

Yonitherapy (for women by a man), Coventry,

Yoyo, London,

Yoyo Om (Claire McGrath and Rosie Rascal), Yorkshire,

Yume Nuru Massage, London,

Zhangri-La, London,


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