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Shakti Centre: Social meditations, Osho meditations and AUM meditation.

Contact: Mohana on 0115 878 4884 or email - [email protected]



Moseley Yoga news;

Valentines day Couple Harmony Evening
Moseley Yoga Studios, 498 - 504 Moseley Rd, Birmingham B12 9AH
14 Feb
18:00 21:00
Open for couples and singles. Looking for something thoughtful, romantic and original to do this Valentines?
Spend a fun and relaxed evening learning about the couple harmony techniques of the ancient yoga Tantra system. You will be shown simple but incredibly effective yogic exercises for mastering sexual vitality. These techniques are proven to fundamentally enhance energy levels and can even help people detach from negative emotions or mindsets that are holding them back from experiencing life with the fullest joy, passion and excitement. It's the greatest way to enhance the intimacy of any relationship and you learn and bring added vitality to all aspects of life, making you more happy, playful, spontaneous and the sort of person people just love to be around.
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Shakti Crystal Healing;

Tantric Couples Play

Bradford Court Business Centre, 123 - 131 Bradford Street, Birmingham B12 0NS

Fri 14 Feb @ 20:00 Sat 15 Feb @ 00:00


This Tantric Couples Play Retreat will include:

Open discussions surrounding sexuality, desires and boundaries
Tantric breathwork and energy flow
A guided full body Tantric massage
Synchronised skin to skin body movement
Sacral meditation
Semen retention practice
Exploration of Orgasmic unification
A sexy fruit platter and drinks
Sacral essences crystals and oils
Goody bag

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Shakti Goddess Circle (women)

Room 304, Bradford Court Business Centre, 123 - 131 Bradford Street, Birmingham B12 0NS

FEB 15, FEB 22, FEB 29
MAR 7, MAR 14, MAR 21, MAR 28

20:00 to 23:00


This circle will provide opportunities to connect with soul sisters on a Tantric experience exploring our deepest, darkest and highest, brightest truths. We will share spiritual practices and life practices that support the rise and do the work! Kundalini Bodywork, Chakra Bodywork, Womb/Moon Healing, Sexual Healing, Self Love, Mantra, Breath Alignment, Meditation, Sound Healing, Creative Play, Elemental Interface, Sensory Stimulation, Ancestral Healing, Altar Work, Psychic Enhancement, Tea Talks (from sex to motherhood and body issues, to past lives, childhood traumas and more)

There will be some massage so be prepare to touch and be touched. We will get very physical and sexual so dress in comfortable, sexy clothing or lingerie as you wish within your current comfort zone.

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Journey To The Yoniverse (women)

FEB 17, FEB 24, MAR 2, MAR 9, MAR 16, MAR 23, MAR 30

Bradford Court Business Centre, 123 - 131 Bradford Street, Birmingham B12 0NS

Starting at 13.66

Throughout history, those who have shown an interest in indulging in such erotic pleasures, have been the targets of slutshaming and ridicule, igniting a way for us to tear each other down with blame and judgement. At this circle you will reclaim this power and remember how to embody it, for your own health, well being and growth. Feel free to embrace the playfulness of sex, in a space which inspires sisterhood and community. Our pussys are the powerful barometer of our soul, and an indicator for our health, in body, mind and spirit. Disconnection from the yoni brings disconnection in other areas of life, which leaves us feeling, self critical, and a sense of unawareness of our souls desire or purpose.

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Queer Spirit news;

QUINTIMACY WEEKEND - Quintimacy is back with a 1 or 2 day offering for all LGBTQ+ people and partners

Sat 15 - Sun 16 Feb

Moseley, Birmingham

Day 1 - A day of exploring Queer Intimacy in a variety of ways, including sharing stories, connecting with each other, conscious touch, embodied consent and practices such as massage and non-sexual touch and cuddles. The focus will be on feeling our boundaries, working carefully with intention, and on soothing, safety and nurturing. A gentle and trauma-informed stand-alone day, informed by the Wheel of Consent. This is a pants on day! Suitable for beginners and nervous people :)

(Optional - perhaps you know _now_ that you would like to go further? Or would like the option by the end of Day 1? There is the opportunity to build on day 1 and experience a day of deepening our journey into queer intimacy practice, perhaps going a step further into our connections and deepening our relationships within the group, pushing our learning edges a little, and further practicing what we did in Day 1.)

Day 2 - In Day 2, there is the opportunity to share erotic intimacy, touch and pleasure, with yourself and/or others. This might include practices such as sensual/erotic touch and body massage, intimate mapping and massage, and exploring more in-depth aspects of the gender-free appreciation of our whole bodies and intimate parts. The programme for the day is flexible and offers a variety of options and the day is clothing (including pants) optional.

If you wish to attend Day 2, you must attend Day 1 this is to create a sense of safety in the group and so that everyone has experienced the consent and communication element of Day 1.

Standard price - 80
Benefits/f/t students - 50
Supporter price (enables us to offer a place or travel costs to someone who cannot afford it) - 100
Standard Price - 150
Benefits/f/t students - 90
Supporter price - (a place or travel costs to someone who cannot afford it) - 170

Worker places - There may be the opportunity for a couple of people to attend for further subsidy if they can arrive early to help set up and help with lunch and take down at the end of the day, and basically run little errands. Please get in touch if you are interested.

If money is preventing you from booking on, please contact me and we may be able to come to some arrangement, if sufficient fully paid places are booked.

To book - contact Beck on [email protected]


- 29th February 2020
- 4th April 2020
- 2nd May 2020
- 6th June 2020

10am - 5pm

Future House Therapy Centre, Chesterfield S40 1SZ

Each of the four workshops includes one full 7 hour day of teaching (10am til 5pm), and refreshments (but not lunch) will cost as follows. Sliding scale dependent upon income (for accessibility).

- 80 if your income is above 30k p.a. (per annum}
- 70 if your income is above 20k but less than 30k p.a.
- 60 if your income is above 18k but less than 20k p.a.
- 40 if your income is less than 18k p.a.

*Pay for all four together and save 10%!

(e.g. at 70 per workshop the total would be 280, less 10% i.e. 28, leaving only 252 to pay)

Let's get together and celebrate working with one another in circle, for an educational, deep, fun and experiential trip around the elemental wheel. This is an open invitation and an opportunity for you to begin or to go deeper within your own shamanic work, held safely within a respectful space by DK, one of the Oak Spirit Gatherings team, and owner of Elemental Shamanism.

We will be working on our shamanic practices, exploring the many marvellous and sometimes daunting aspects of each element, focusing fully on one element per workshop. Shamanic journeying included.
We shall work towards the wonderful goal of being able to incorporate these teachings fully into your everyday, to achieve a truly balanced life.

This short yet vigorous course is about self growth, development of self and reaching a deeper understanding of both who you are and how these elements affect your daily life. It is appropriate both for those new to shamanic work as well as those with some experience.

Let's explore each element in turn; earth, air, fire and water fully, with shamanic journeying, drumming, voice and written work. A sharing circle wherein we all learn from each other. You will receive and learn the tools you need, to be able to delve deeper for yourself, between the monthly meet up sessions (and thereafter), to enable you to really find your feet (or your wings!) with each of the elements, individually and as a whole.


Earth -
Air -

Fire -

Water -




Jacqueline Haigh: The Goddess Tantric Massage Parlour

Critically-acclaimed one-woman sitcom about her true experiences of working as a receptionist in a Tantric Massage parlour and the weird and wonderful characters she met along the way.

Thursday 20 February. Knight & Garter, Hotel Street, Leicester LE1 5AW. 7pm (doors open 6:40pm). 5 -

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Shakti Tantra news;

Bishopswood House, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 5QZ

Arrive at 6pm for dinner at 7pm on Thursday 20th February

End time: 4pm on Sunday 23rd February

Cost: 995 (345 food and accommodation/650 tuition, in two payments). A 20% discount applies if you are repeating this workshop.

This three day residential workshop continues the healing work of Women's Invitation and really gives women permission to start to explore their pleasure and erotic possibility in order to celebrate their sexuality. We work to identify sexual imprints that limit our potential and look at techniques to release tensions and contracted energy, allowing us to increase our physical energy & to move more into our orgasmic flow.

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Bishopswood House, Bishopswood, Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 5QZ
Mar 5 @ 6pm - Mar 8 @ 2pm
345 650
This three day residential workshop is another step on the Tantric journey of moving towards innocence, not as a childish model but a childlike innocence with the perspective of the adult. We will learn about the messages we have unconsciously carried since our childhood that restrict our expansion into pleasure and freedom, dissolving any negative imprints of past sexual experiences so that we can reconnect our sex with our heart and our heart with our spirit.

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Sex Magick: Exploring the Boundaries of Intimacy - FULL SPECTRUM WORKSHOP (queer)

Gender & Sexuality Inclusive Sex Magick Workshop
22 - 29 August 2020
Malvern, Worcestershire
Radical Faerie Sex Magick, a workshop originating within the Faeries since 1990, has been going strong at many Faerie sanctuaries around the world. Its aim is to explore and foster deeper emotional, physical and erotic connections between participants. Using heart circle technology, participants engage in a consensual exploration of the possibilities of the growth of intimacy within the group, with the intention to propose and perform erotic rituals co-created, and consented to, by all participants.
For the last several years, the workshop has been open to all Gay/ Bi/ Trans Faggot-identified men. As most Faerie gatherings have become non-gender/ non sexuality specific (i.e. all genders and sexualities welcome), there are calls for having gender and sexuality inclusive workshops.
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