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Shakti Centre: Social meditations, Osho meditations and AUM meditation.

Contact: Mohana on 0115 878 4884 or email - [email protected]



Shakti Goddess Circle by Shakti Crystal Healing (women)

Bradford Court Business Centre, 123 - 131 Bradford Street, Room 304, Birmingham B12 0NS

Dec - 7, 14

20:00 to 23:00


This circle will provide opportunities to connect with soul sisters on a tantric experience exploring our deepest, darkest and highest, brightest truths. We will share spiritual practices and life practices that support the rise and do the work!

Kundalini Bodywork, Chakra Bodywork, Womb/Moon Healing, Sexual Healing, Self Love, Mantra, Breath Alignment, Meditation, Sound Healing, Creative Play, Elemental Interface, Sensory Stimulation, Ancestral Healing, Altar Work, Psychic Enhancement, Tea Talks (from sex to motherhood and body issues, to past lives, childhood traumas and more)

There will be some massage so be prepare to touch and be touched. We will get very physical and sexual so dress in comfortable, sexy clothing or lingerie as you wish within your current comfort zone.

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London South Women


Gay/Queer Midlands Wales East Anglia North Scotland Ireland


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