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Mark Sutton news - formerly Tantra Awakenings;

OSHO® Meditation Groups

LUNCHTIME OSHO: Every Wednesday, 1
- 2pm, at Healthy Spirit Ltd,37 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester M20 6TW

EVENING OSHO: Every Thursday, 7
- 8.15pm, at The Ki Retreat, 1A Chadwick Road, Eccles, Lancashire M30 0NZ

Cost: £10 per class

Do you find passive meditations difficult or cannot seem to sit still? Do you want to experience how movement, sound and breath can create space for change, stress release and transformation? Do you like OSHO® Active meditations? Then this is the group for you!

OSHO® Active Meditations are scientifically designed for the modern age. Each meditation begins with activity and physical movements such as shaking, dancing, sound, breathing and each has its own music specifically created to guide the participant through each stage. The active stages help to release accumulated tensions in the body-mind allowing the natural energy flow to move. This way, in the passive stages, you can move into stillness being the witness of whatever is happening inside. No Previous experience is required, loose clothing should be worn and yoga mats are useful.

All of the OSHO® Active meditations are shared according to the instructions in Meditation: The First and Last Freedom and each of them are accompanied by the music specifically created for them.

More - www.markdsutton.com/groups-and-workshops

Sacred Light news;

A Chakra Dance – A Further Taste of Tantra

December 12

6:30pm – 10pm

Pathways Studio, Lord Byron Square, Salford, Manchester M50

£20 (waged). £15 (low waged). £10 (unwaged)

Join us as we celebrate our bodies, our aliveness, our energy and our connection with others. As we move into the festive celebration period, Shakti Elara and Jon Gosling invite you to this Tantric evening of music, movement, connection and celebration. We will use the chakra system, an ancient way of defining the 7 main energy centres in the body, as our guide for this evening. The invitation is to to experience yourself from different parts of your being and notice how these affect your general presence and mood, as you travel deeper and intimately within your being and also in your connection with others. The aim of this event is allow you as a newcomer or an experienced Tantrika to explore your relationship with yourself, others and the world around you using some of the basic Tantric principles in a boundaried, relaxed and fun environment.

There will be no nudity at this event.

More - www.sacredlighttantra.com/event/achakradance/


Welcome 2020 with Tantra North - join us in our New Year Eve Celebration

31st December

Doors open at 6.30pm. 7pm drinks and nibbles. 7.30pm Start. End approx 1am

Pathways Studio, Lord Byron Square, Salford, Manchester M50

We invite you to celebrate the first 20 years of the millennium with us. This evening is a chance to look back in anger, love, wonder, sadness, and, most significantly, gratitude at the last 20 years your of life. We also take you on a journey to discover what your deepest self longs for in 2020. We'll welcome in the New Year with a fire ceremony. To complete the evening there's dancing and feasting with friends old and new.

Celebration vegetarian/vegan feast

Dancing the past twenty years.

20/20 Hindsight - Gratitude “give-away” ritual

20/20 Foresight - Shamanic/tantric journey

Fire ceremony

More - www.sacredlighttantra.com/buy-tickets/tickets-newyearseve/


New Year Intent Setting

January 5

1:15pm – 5:30pm

Pathways Studio, Lord Byron Square, Salford, Manchester M50

Earlybird: £24. Full Price: £28.

Join us as we consciously create and launch our intents into the New Year. Start the New Year afresh releasing what no longer serves you helping you release your resistances and blocks. Then start the process of attracting what you do want into your life by tapping into your manifesting power. You will start with a guided meditation to release all that you wish to leave behind and symbolically release this through a Shamanic fire ceremony. You will then move to manifesting what we want to bring into your life in the New Year using the power of the Laws of:

• Attraction
• Attention
• Detachment / Attachment
• Intention

Also connecting with the Universe to support your intent and Higher Good for the New Year and will finish with a cleansing of the energies and a ceremonial release of our intent into the manifestation stream using Manifestation Magick. This technique uses breath, visualisation and energy using a crystal totem (which we will supply as part of the event). This crystal can then be used to boost your manifesting after the workshop using this special method.

More - www.sacredlighttantra.com/event/new-year-intent-setting-2020/




Albion Faeries news;

Winter Solstice Celebration (queer)

Saturday December 21st
6.30 - 11pm
Blaze, Hunters Bar, Sheffield S11
Share the light of our hopes and dreams. There will be shared vegi food, a short ritual, a heart circle and possibly a hot tub and fire!
Bring food, libations and possibly a towel if u wanna dunk!
Firewood would also be most welcome
I have a little space for people to stay over, PM me about this and for address - [email protected] 07932 466381 Blessed BE!!!



Yoga Nature event;

Tarka: Tantrik Study & Meditation Group

Our House, 38 Machon Bank Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1PG

The dates for 2019 are as follows: Saturdays (21 September, 19 October) and 16 November, breaking for December and then continuing in Jan 2020. Time is 6pm to 9pm. Though you don't have to make every one, a regular commitment is certainly preferable and advisable.

It will be £10 per session, which will include a bowl of soup, as much tea as you can drink, and handouts at every session.

In these monthly 3-hour meetups the plan is that we will explore together texts from the Tantrik tradition, think of it as a reading group for yogis! Along the way you may learn some Sanskrit, deepen your understanding of yoga and Tantra philosophy, and explore core Tantrik practices such as ucchāra, deha-śuddhi & ajapa-japa. Texts we will study include: Tantrasāra (Essence of Tantra), Pratyabhijñā-Hṛdaya (Heart of Recognition) and the Vijñāna-Bhairava-Tantra (The Scripture of the Bhairava who is Consciousness) and more.

More - www.yoganaturesheffield.org.uk/events/2019/9/21/tarka
Tantra 4 Gay Men news;

Tantra: Touch, Massage & Intimacy Afternoon with Steve

Salford, Greater Manchester

11 January 2020

2pm to 5:30pm


In this afternoon you will be gently guided on a 3 hour exploration of Tantra by Steve. The afternoon programme is great if you want to connect with other men in a loving and sensual way that is more intimate than the way men typically meet.


[email protected]  




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