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Shakti Course - Yoga of sacred sensuality for women

Soma Yoga Centre, 14 Poplar Lane, Edinburgh EH6 7HD


7 - 9pm

In Tantra Yoga it is said that there is no greater practice than that of awakening the universe of a woman to its fullest potential! So we are offering this Tantra yoga course for women, where we aim to deepen precisely this practice, of exploring and awakening ourselves as perfectly conscious and joyful women, by discovering and following the path of awakening our Goddess within!

More - www.somayogascotland.uk/shakti-course




Joy Tantra Centre event;

Tantra Massage Workshop The gift of Love
Joy Tantra Centre, Leith, Edinburgh (specific address sent to attendees only)
Saturday 15th February: 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm
Sunday 16th February: 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm
(Lunch break on both days from 1pm to 3pm)
Early bird discount of 300/person and 500/couple when booked and paid by the 5th of January 2020.
Your chance to discover:

How to unlock and harmonize our erotic energy
Secret erogenous zones for the perfect ecstatic foreplay
Amorous touch the pathway to awakening mystical states of ecstasy
On the weekend of love, Joy Tantra Centre invites you to a weekend workshop with two full days of initiation into the Oriental arts of Tantric massage and amorous caressing during lovemaking.
In this Tantra massage workshop you will learn:
How to offer pleasure, express affection, and express love through touch

How to help and guide your beloved to reach states of deep and intense orgasm
How both of you can access mystical states of ecstasy through this ancient form of body to body and heart to heart communication

Please note that nudity will be involved to some degree in this workshop, so you need to be comfortable with that. Also be aware that there is no sexual activity involved at all, and at this time we will not yet include the massage of the genital areas, so no yoni and lingam massage either, as we need to prepare our way to it, with the introductory elements first.
Please contact us on 07826 097 277 and visit our webpage for more details and a video from our massage teacher keeping this workshop here - https://tantra-edinburgh.co.uk/tantra-massage-workshop-the-gift-of-love-february-2020-at-joy-tantra-centre/


Alchemy of Living news;
Alchemy of Touch 2-day course
7 - 8 March
Special Valentines Discount for Couples 290. Valid until 29th February 2020.
A short, yet sweet version of the 4-day course where you learn about the essentials of Tantra massage. This is a perfect introduction to the world of authentic Tantra for couples or individuals hesitant to explore but curious to find out what Tantra has to offer the modern person. You will be introduced to Tantric energy work, Tantric yoga and basic Tantric meditations and ritual, the importance of polarity in the masculine and feminine, and of course the massage itself.
There is NO sexual intimacy in this course, yet you will learn to connect at a deeper and more intimate level. The space is sacred, healing and very supportive. For those that find the idea of a full body massage with genital reflexology too daunting, this is the perfect course. For those wanting to explore deeper the sacred genital massage then join us on the 4 Day course.

Alchemy of Touch 4-day course
26 - 29 March
Learn the art of Ayurvedic marma massage combined with ancient Tantric laws of energy. The lover in you will learn how to activate the pleasure in your partner while the healer in you will learn how to harness and transform this pleasure into a healing and transforming practice.
In this course we explore:
the energy system of the human being according to Tantra,
the impact of the 7 Chakras on our behaviour and how to use them in healing,
triggering the sexual energy to generate orgasms through out the body,
how the auric fields impact us and the sensitivity we are capable of achieving.
connecting on much deeper levels of intimacy with another human being
the power of healing through the sacred practice of genital massage.
We end the 4 days with a powerful and beautiful ritual of transfiguration that will leave you deeply moved and shifting your perspective on how you perceive others.

Tantra Yoga Level 1 Foundational
Introduction weekend: 4 - 5th April
Weekend 2: 2 - 3rd May
Weekend 3: 20 - 21st June
Weekend 4: 29 - 30th August = optional extra weekend
Are you curious to learn traditional authentic yoga? Tantric Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all authentic Tantric practice. There is no mastery of energy and management of the evolution of you being with out it! This series of weekends will open the doors to discovering your holistic health and wellness as an energetic being and introducing a taste of the meta-physical dimension of life.
In this series, you learn about:
What Yoga really is.
The energy system of the body including the 7 Chakras
The meaning of holding postures - Asanas - The sacred Geometry of the body
The principles of yoga
The 8 Branches of Ashtanga Yoga according to Patanjali
The healing effects on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being created by each asana
The spiritual evolution evoked by the practice of each asana
Building up masculine and feminine polarity
Meditations for energising and balancing of yourself
Benefits: Here you will develop a much greater awareness of who you are physically, emotionally, mentally. You will develop greater balance and harmony in your life, greater self confidence and assertiveness, patience and understanding. You will learn to be in control of your emotions in a healthy way and to naturally generate energy, vitality, strength and motivation, whilst also rejuvenating and regenerating your entire being.
Successful completion and attendance of all the modules will provide you with a Certificate of Foundational Tantra Hatha Yoga Level 1.
Welcome to join individual weekends or full series. Special discounts for those joining full series available.

Contact Mel for further details on each: [email protected]
or visit the website: www.alchemyofliving.co.uk


Sacred Touch news;

A Celebration of the Celtic Festival of Yule & Winter Solstice


Sunday 20th December

10am and 5.30pm

70 or 60 if paid beforehand

Using story telling, music, movement, touch & laughter we connect to our own power, the weave of sensuality, sexuality & spirituality, & explore what it means to be embodied at this time.

More - www.sacred-touch.co.uk/winter-solstice/


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