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Marcus White course;

Sacred Relationship – A new course of evening workshops lead by Marcus White and Rosie Morrell

Dates: Starts Tuesday 21st November 2017 arrival from 7-15pm, starts at 7-30. Runs fortnightly, with a break over Christmas, further dates to be advised. Meetings will run fortnightly, people are free to attend which ever meetings they are drawn to.

Venue: Marcus’ house, a private and very comfortable retreat set in the rolling hills of central Dorset, ten minutes north of Dorchester.

Energy exchange: Minimum donation £10.

Do you ever struggle with relationships? Find answers to the difficult questions in your romantic lives. Do you: Find relationship challenging? Want to find answers to romantic dilemmas? Wish to create deep attraction in your partner? Search for harmony and something deeper in your love life?
 Rosie and I are excited to be hosting the first meeting of our new course. We are going to take a really honest look at the reality of relationship, the challenges it presents in our lives, why this is so, what we can do with these challenges and the deeper opportunities of romantic relationship. It is a highly structured course; we look at love, honesty in relationship, attraction, sex, and Tantra, all within a spiritual context. We will talk openly about the intimate truth of our experiences, the good and the difficult, and we will make a safe space for others to do so if they feel comfortable so that healing and support amongst the group can take place. We know from past experience of running this course that people find this work very helpful and enriching in their lives, we have received universal positive feedback from everyone.

Course guide:

Meeting 1 – Spiritual basics; understanding and practice
Meeting 2 – What are we, What is the purpose of life, how does life achieve this?
Meeting 3 – Reality creation, how are realities created?
Meeting 4 – Reality creation, how to create the reality you want?
Meeting 5 – Sacred Relationship
Meeting 6 – How to attract a women deeply
Meeting 7 – How to attract a man deeply
Meeting 8 - Sexuality and how to explore it safely, fully, and joyfully
Meeting 9 – Tantra; what is it, how do you practice it?

It is a friendly, safe, and fun, clothes on, hands off environment!

Further information: Please contact Marcus at [email protected] or Rosie 07774 091 936 [email protected]



Tara Yoga news;

Tantra for Women Course

Tara Yoga Centre, 2nd Floor Crown House, 193 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UT. Fridays 19:00 – 21:00

2-hour class every other week, combining knowledge and practice

In every woman exists all possibilities. She is the embodiment of endless love, happiness, joy, beauty, sensuality, creativity and overwhelming power. We invite you on a magical journey of self-discovery, as your mysterious feminine potential unfolds. Uniting ancient Eastern knowledge with the needs of the present-day woman, our goal on this course is to awaken femininity so we can live our maximum potential. We aim to create an ambience where shyness and inhibition melt away in an atmosphere of understanding and love. Tantra for Women is a spiritual adventure in experiencing the magic of being a woman.

More - https://tarayogacentre.co.uk/classes/tantra/women/


Osho Leela news;

Osho Winter Festival : Adventures of the Heart - with Prabuddho, Mala, Smaran, Sidika & Tarisha

Osho Leela, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4RE
5th December - 8th December
Early Bird 3 Days - Dormitory - Food Included - £179
Early Bird 2 Days - Dormitory - Food Included - £139
Day Rate 10am - 10pm Food Included. Please state which day in reg. form comments box
- £49.

Adventure with us into light, love and connection at our annual Osho Winter Celebration. Dive into your Being … and experience the adventure of life, moment to moment. An event to warm your heart, heal from the inside and expand your vision – this is a great weekend for newcomers as well as our many friends. It is a fun and nourishing event, packed with innovative and playful workshops including: Bodywork – Dance – Movement – Comedy – Art and other workshops for the adventurous heart, plus dance and live performances in the evenings.
There will be daily Osho Dynamic and Kundalini meditations as well as the popular Mahamudra. Morning Satsang, Evening Meeting and Nataraj (dancing) meditations will be accompanied by beautiful live music from Sattva – our musicians of the heart.
More - https://osholeela.uk/events/osho-winter-festival-3/
Festival Worker info here https://osholeela.uk/festival-worker-application/

New Year Festival : Poppadom Nirvana - with Svabhavo and the Leela Team
Osho Leela, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4RE
28th December 2019 - 1st January 2020
Early Bird Price - Dormitory Accommodation - Includes All Meals
Come join us and celebrate the New Year! Our theme for this festival is “Indian” and so we will be celebrating all the great things of India. As usual lots of juicy entertainment and style to bring in this New Year with a bang! There will be ‘live’ kirtan with Sivani and her band, many great mini workshops including Mala with Bollywood Burlesque, Shravan with Clown Workshops, New Year Tarot, many more workshops, information is to follow. There will of course be connection and meditation, in the way only Osho Leela knows how to do it! Come join us and celebrate the New Year!
More - https://osholeela.uk/events/new-year-festival-3/
Festival Worker info here https://osholeela.uk/festival-worker-application/

Full schedule - https://osholeela.uk/wp-content/uploads/Osho-Leela-Digital-Calendar-AW2019.pdf





Al Head news;

Held-in-the-Flow - a Queer/Inclusive Sacred Sexuality Adventure.

Held over 5 days from 6 - 10 December

near Dorking, Surrey.

In its second year, Held-in-the-Flow supports a group of around 30 people to gently enter the winter, as we tune in to the earth cycles, deepen our knowledge and awareness of the different levels of being and build practices that we can weave into our lives for sustenance and growth.

Find more details at:







Tantric Intimacy - hosted by Kalindi Jordan

Saturday December 7
10AM – 5PM
After 10th November : £170 per couple

Workshop for couples

Explore how to make your intimacy more expansive, connected and vital. As lovers it is easy to slip into familiar patterns and lose sight of the sweet vibrant connection that we long for and know is possible with each other. My partner Pete and I have been together for 11 years and have woven into the tapestry of our relationship the ability to stay fresh and new as lovers, creating more opening, safety and deeper states of union together. As intimacy teachers and sexual healers, we have a passion for couples to take their intimacy beyond the everyday interaction of connection and to journey deeply into sacred union, energetic expansion and true intimacy with life.

In this day workshop we will bring some of our fundamental practices that will enable you as lovers to open to an expanded potency within your love making. We will share as many energetic and communication processes as we can fit into the day. These root in our own fascination and study of anatomy, sexual understanding and years of exploring bodywork, energy work, meditation, breath work, sacred intimacy and esoteric practices from both modern and ancient eastern and western wisdom.

To be in the wild embrace of the chaos of life whilst remaining in the stillness of the moment.

Daily practices to:
Communicate more effectively,
To learn new techniques for intimacy,
Drop out of the mind and into the body, allowing natural sexual instinct to flow,
Sexual energy anatomy,
Cultivate awareness, energy and love,

The practices will be communication and energetically based with your own partner only. There will be no nudity.

To book : www.kalindijordan.com/sexual-healing-services/




Returning to Love - by Alexandra Blaker

A women's workshop

Cowdray Estate, Easebourne GU29 0AQ

8 December

9:30AM 6:30PM

Opening to more joy, juice, self-worth, and vibrancy. Two days of using movement, breath, deepening with process and joining in a safe space. A gathering of women to transform negative beliefs, heal low self-worth and release emotional wounding to return to who we truly are.

More - www.eventbrite.com/e/returning-to-love-a-womens-workshop-8-december-tickets-73803657727




Tao Calligraphy Movement Meditation

Wed 11 December

Doors open 6.50pm. Meditation 7pm - 8.45pm (approx)

Sol Haven, New Manor Farm, Harvey Lane, Moulton, Northamptonshire NN3 7RB

Free event - please reserve your seat

We lovingly invite you to Sol Haven, to spend a couple of hours with us to learn and experience how to:

self heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

Experience more happiness and joy

Uplift and grow on your spiritual journey and so much more

Come and experience ancient and new Tao Wisdom, practices and blessings - perfectly remixed for today's busy world focused on health, wellness, spirituality, personal growth and more to help you over come your unique challenges and enjoy success in your life

Join us for an evening of relaxing and revitalising meditation through the use of organic movements, all located our beautiful love filled yurt.

Heal and transform the soul first; then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow - Master Zhi Gang Sha

More - www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tao-calligraphy-movement-meditation-tickets-79536565007





Anaiya Sophia events;

Sacred Gaia Awakening

Avalon Room, 1st floor, Experience Courtyard, 2 - 4 High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU

19th December

10am – 5pm

Requirement: Deep Love and Appreciation for Nature

£75 (concessions available)

This workshop is dedicated to the Sacred Somatic Union with Gaia herself - She is calling us to remember these practices, and bring them to every single woman across the World! Join Anaiya on this day as she reveals more of the Sacred Body Awakening process. During this last year, she has been guided to develop constellations that work with/and through the natural world, in many ways, Gaia herself. The Initiation of Sacred Body Awakening is where a woman comes into direct contact with the lingering essence of temple life, and the memories of being a priestess during that golden age. During this workshop, however, we shall take that a step further and bring our holy longing to merge with the earth.

This somatic, deep, slow process will open us to nature and the gnosis, revelation and wild ecstatic freedom that can be found there. As we know our place upon the earth is up for question, so what can be done at a time like this? One of the last women to embody these teachings was Mary Magdalene. She knew the ‘ways’ of opening the body to the primal source. She knew how to love with the whole of her body, and bring that openness to the earth in holy longing and prayer.

This journey of sensual, somatic embodiment brings us into contact with our unspeakable purity. The slowness of the touch loosens up the mind, shakes off our mask, vivifies our sacred purpose and makes real our soul memories and reason for being here. This long-awaited union of the inner and outer parts of us explodes every sense of duality, as we discover our pre-verbal awakening into a divine being. Something the patriarchy has feared for a very long time. Sacred Gaia Awakening will be that portal into the natural world and all the powers and principalities that hold and sustain its balance. For too long we have been separated from something that is so very close. Let this day, be the day, that we realise the kinds of practices we can do, to bring that closeness to an almost unimaginable intimacy.

More - https://anaiyasophia.com/events/fierce-feminine-glastonbury-2019





South West Tantra event;



21st - 22nd December

Cost: £200 per person (early bird discount of £150 if paid before 5th November)

Where Tantra Meets Kinky - join Kira Swan, for a sensual, fun, transformative, journey into the zone where the zen-like mindfulness and energy presence of Tantra meets the excitement and intensity of kink. The workshop will be a safely held space where consent is key. thru shamanic journeying, sensate exercises, learning to raise energy thru the chakras, fantasy role play, breathwork, and exploring archetypal energies of dominance and surrender, we can open new pathways inside ourselves and release suppressed energy.

The workshop will include impact play.

More - www.southwesttantra.co.uk/events-shadow-tantra-workshop-kira.php


Professional Training Diploma in Tantra Massage

Clifton, Bristol

Interested in Tantra?, Want to change career? This Professional training Runs over 4 weekends. Former students have gone on to create their own business practices. The training is comprehensive and covers how to lead a Chakra meditation, rituals of Tantra, Energy Healing for sexual dysfunction, Orgasmic Yoga Tantra Massage techniques and more. You will have access to written materials and group workings, demos of all techniques and practical applications within a monitored setting.

Dates Are:

Weekend One Introduction: 25 - 26 January 2020. Introduction to the chakra system, introduction to sexual dysfunctions, energy transmissions to clear chakras blockages and correct sexual dysfunction. This can be done as a stand alone weekend at £250.

Weekend Two: 8 - 9 February 2020. The space of the healer, consent, boundaries, touch and bio-feedback, demo of male Tantra massage and participants monitored massage practise. Includes eye-gazing, led chakra meditation, naturist massage and lingam massage, perineum squeeze technique, how to coach a client in raising sexual energy.

Weekend Three: 7 - 8 March 2020. Women's massage, demo and participants monitored massage practise. Includes heart chakra and yoni massage, the space women need to travel within and raise sexual energy connected to the heart, yoni healing to release trauma, trauma release energy transmission, phases of life and how they affect sexuality. Combining the chakra healing and balancing with the full body massage.

Weekend Four: 11 - 12 April 2020. Further massage practise, waiver forms, contra-indications, legalities, business and marketing, archetypal energy, shamanic journeying, leading a meditation, yab yum, chakra breathing. Participants on the course receive written materials on the practical content.

Early bird cost is £900 if paid before December 1st. Otherwise deposit of £250 secures your place, leaving £850 for the complete training (total £1,100). This can be paid in arranged instalments. Spaces are limited to 8 participants so book please early.

Contact Information - [email protected]





Post festive Massage and or Cuddle puddle - hosted by Conscious Connection Events

Saturday December 28

10AM 9:30PM

Keynsham - near Bristol & Bath


Peer massage daytime: £30

Evening cuddle puddle: £25

Both together £50

'In the bleak mid winter? ...

NOPE! Were not having any of that!

Come share some warm festive cheer as we snuggle together after sharing food, fluffy blankets, and soft nurturing conscious cuddling/massage in the warmth of like minded open hearted CC community peeps;

We are offering TWO separate and inter related invitations.



We begin at 10.30am with a check in circle, and then enjoy the luxury of time as we co create a peer led conscious touch and massage including space for requests and offering. As its peer led, (as im wanting to receive too) some level of confidence and competence is desired for this sharing. There will be minimal guidance - rather a gentle flow of exchange is intended.

More - www.facebook.com/events/1298900673628863/





Jan Day news;

Passion, Power & Love

Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset

28 Dec 2019 - 2 Jan 2020

Self-renewal, celebration and an invitation to live each day in a love-relationship with yourself and with existence. Renew your passion and love for life. Let go of the past and find inspiration for the future. Allow yourself to be seen, loved and nurtured. Connect with others in a caring, respectful environment

Open to all

More - http://www.janday.com/workshops.php?wkshopID=13


Living Tantra 1 - To live with passion, presence & love

28 Feb - 6 March 2020, Osho Leela Centre, Dorset (led by Jan Day)

9 - 16 April 2020 Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset (led by Jan Day) -

3 - 10 October 2020 at Eden Rise in Devon (led by Ed Rooke & Bethan Evans)

More - www.janday.com/calendar.php





Catherine Hale event;

Tantric Flow: Letting Go

25th Jan 2020 - 25th Jan 2020

10am - 4pm

Yogasara, Picton Street, Bristol BS6 5QA

£65 before the 25th December 2019 thereafter £75

The Tantric Flow process activates a flow of energy through your body, releasing and letting go of old trapped energies stored in key areas so you feel more at ease, open and connected to your body. As a result sexual energy can flow through your body, reducing sexual related challenges such as erection problems or lack of orgasm, and opening you to states of bliss and expansion.

This event is open to people of all genders.

More - https://catherinehale.co.uk/event/tantric-flow-letting-go-2/





Malcolm Stern course;

One Year Group 2020

London and Glastonbury

January 25 & 26. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

February 22 & 23. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

March 21 & 22. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

April 25 & 26. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

May 30 & 31. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

July 4 & 5. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

September 5 & 6. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

October 3 & 4. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

November 7 & 8. Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

December 9 - 13 (Wednesday to Sunday). Earth Spirit Centre Glastonbury (residential)

The cost of the year is £2150 (payable by instalments) plus the residential fee of £400 for shared room and full board at the Earth Spirit Centre in Glastonbury (single rooms available for a supplement).

We are at a crossroads as human beings on planet earth and life is now demanding that we transform ourselves in order that we may be able to transform our society and ultimately our human existence. This group is an opportunity to dive deep into the heart of yourself over an extended period in order to make evolutionary rather than revolutionary changes. The process of change is a complex and challenging exploration and this one year journey will offer some extraordinary tools so that by the end of the year you will see yourself in a very different light and fresh possibilities will have been born in you. The course will use psychotherapy, bodywork, deep sharing, ritual and healing.

During the course of the year you will have the opportunity to refine and practise the following:

Accessing and exploring honest authentic and heartful communication

Practising honourable feedback in a group committed to truth and integrity

Managing difficult conversations & honouring your own perspective as well as another’s

To be comfortable with our anger, grief, sexuality and fear

Liberate our potential to be extraordinary human beings

Learn to love ourselves and in the process love others

Recognise the power of living our lives in service to the greater whole

More - https://malcolmstern.com/events/london-one-year-group-2020/





Tantra Massage Training news;

Awakening: Foundations of Tantra Massage


This workshop is part of a series of Tantra Massage Training workshops led by Gayatri Beegan.

There’s a real buzz around Tantric Massage. Many people have heard of it, but how many people really know what it means to touch ‘Tantrically’? In this introductory weekend, we share a full body massage sequence to enliven and arouse life force energy, plus Tantric rituals of love, presence and honouring.

Specific elements of this weekend:

the essence of Tantric touch
the connection between sexuality, heart and spirit
an easy to follow massage sequence for whole body bliss
specific techniques to enliven sexual energy and move it through the body
the keys to energy awakening – breath, sound and movement

Couples and individuals are welcome. For further details and to apply, please go to;

1st & 2nd February, 10am to 6pm - https://tantramassagetraining.co.uk/events/awakening-bristol-jan-2020/
25th & 26th April, 10am to 6pm - https://tantramassagetraining.co.uk/events/awakening-bristol-april-2020/


Celebrating Shakti: Honouring the Female Body with Tantra Massage


21st & 22nd March, 10am to 6pm

This workshop is part of a series of Tantra Massage Training workshops led by Gayatri Beegan.

This weekend workshop honours the Divine Feminine (Shakti), and specifically the female body, through Tantric ritual and touch.

Tantra Massage can be a profoundly healing, transformative and pleasurable experience for a woman. Through Tantric touch she is honoured in her body, awakened in her senses, and fully given the time and space to expand into her arousal without pressure or expectation. Through this she comes to know the beauty and power of her being.

Specific elements of this weekend include:

Celebrating Shakti – a beautiful Tantric ritual to reveal the Goddess
Breast massage – the skills and sensitivity to awaken the heart and arouse the body
Yoni massage – touch and techniques for healing and pleasure
Discover the anatomy and energetics of female sexual arousal

For further details and to apply, please go to - https://tantramassagetraining.co.uk/events/celebrating-shakti-bristol-march-2020/


Saluting Shiva: Honouring the Male Body with Tantra Massage


16th & 17th May, 10am to 6pm

This workshop is part of a series of Tantra Massage Training workshops led by Gayatri Beegan.

Tantra Massage provides a safe and sacred space for a man to experience new and life-affirming aspects of his sexuality. Discover how to worship the male body and honour the masculine through Tantric touch.

Specific elements of this weekend:

Lingam massage techniques for healing and pleasure
Prostate massage – awakening the anus and prostate to receive loving touch and open to pleasurable sensations
Discover how to cultivate sexual energy and integrate it into the body rather than losing through ejaculation
Honouring the masculine principle of Shiva through Tantric ritual

Couples and individuals are welcome. For further details and to apply, please go to - https://tantramassagetraining.co.uk/events/shiva-bristol-may-2020/





Celtic Tantra news;

Sex, Heart & Spirit

South Brent, Devon

Dates of 2020 course: (1) Feb 7-9, (2) Mar 6-8, (3) Apr 24-26, (4) June 5-7, (5) July 9-12

Cost including tuition and accommodation:


Early Booking (Deposit three months in advance): £1,350 or Deposit £350 followed by 4 payments of £250 (total £1,350)

Later Booking: £1,500 or Deposit £500 followed by 4 payments of £250 (total £1,500)

For a non-residential place, subtract £250 from the total price

What do you most long for in relationship?

Is it deep physical intimacy, beautiful love-making?

Is it open-heartedness, compassion and understanding?

Is it a meeting as pure energy-beings, transcending time and space?

More - http://www.celtictantra.com/sex-heart-spirit/





Shakti Sundari event;

Making Love retreat

14 - 16 February 2020

Little Earth, Earthspirit Retreat Centre, Compton Dundon, Somerset TA11 6PE

Early Bird (by Sept 30): £390 pp/£750 for 2. Standard: £444/£860 for 2

We will be drawing inspiration from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra - an ancient Tantric text written as a dialogue between Shiva (the Divine Masculine) and Shakti (the Divine Feminine) and its translation into The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche. ​The emphasis will be upon experience and we will be exploring a range of approaches to Tantric meditation from still to powerfully dynamic and irreverent.

This retreat is for Every Body, but will especially appeal to those interested in:





embodied spirituality

who wish to:

​cultivate deeper love & intimacy with themselves, others & life

experience embodiment as meditation

explore the inner alchemy of masculine & feminine

know the ecstasy available in meeting life with awareness and totality

treat themselves to a beautiful, blissful, nurturing get-away

More - www.shaktisundari.com/makingloveretreat2020




Ed Rooke news;

Meetings Without Masks


Sunday 26th April 2020, Sunday 29th Nov 2020

PRICES - £62 Full Price. £32 Standby rate

We invite you to participate in a wonderful day. In a gender-balanced group, we will explore how to meet each other more authentically as men and women. The day has been carefully structured to help this happen with fun and creative exercises to open and relax you.

More - https://www.edrooke.com/meetings



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