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Tao Calligraphy Movement Meditation

Wed 11 December

Doors open 6.50pm. Meditation 7pm - 8.45pm (approx)

Sol Haven, New Manor Farm, Harvey Lane, Moulton, Northamptonshire NN3 7RB

Free event - please reserve your seat

We lovingly invite you to Sol Haven, to spend a couple of hours with us to learn and experience how to:

self heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

Experience more happiness and joy

Uplift and grow on your spiritual journey and so much more

Come and experience ancient and new Tao Wisdom, practices and blessings - perfectly remixed for today's busy world focused on health, wellness, spirituality, personal growth and more to help you over come your unique challenges and enjoy success in your life

Join us for an evening of relaxing and revitalising meditation through the use of organic movements, all located our beautiful love filled yurt.

Heal and transform the soul first; then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow - Master Zhi Gang Sha

More - www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tao-calligraphy-movement-meditation-tickets-79536565007



Tuning In (women)

Sat December 14

3PM – 7PM

Globe House Yoga, Crucifix Lane, London SE1 3XL

Sacred half-day sanctuary for women, woven with the intention to support and make space for feeling feelings and creating a loving connection to the self through the sacred practise of tea ceremony and breath-work. You’ll be guided through a flow that embodies the principles of the Tao, pendulating from a releasing and expressive breath-work and movement journey to the resource of stillness and silence with tea, meditation and sharing. This will be an intimate gathering held in a beautiful warm space and to close our time together, with will continue to drink tea and share some vegan treats.

A hint of what our day together is to offer.

Unravel your senses
Unwind your body and mind
Cultivate stillness and silence within
Nourish your connection to yourself and others

More - www.eventbrite.com/e/tuning-in-tickets-81391786023



Tantric Journey events;



20th DECEMBER, 21st FEBRUARY 2020, 22nd MAY 2020, 4th SEPTEMBER 2020, 27th NOVEMBER 2020

7pm to 10pm

This event is designed to introduce you to Tantra.


More - https://www.tantricjourney.com/tantric-training-workshops/tantra-taster-evenings/


Basic Clothes on Tantric Massage for Emotional Detox. Module 1a - Certified Tantric Journey Educator workshops for Couples, Individuals and practitioners


21 Feb - 24 Feb 2020. 22 May - 25 May 2020. 4 Sep - 7 Sep 2020. 27 Nov - 30 Nov 2020

10am (1st day 7pm) to 10pm


Explore Emotional Detox through Bodywork for emotional and physical well-being. Ideal for couples and individuals who wish to embark on personal development or therapists that wish to learn Emotional Detox through Bodywork techniques.

More - https://www.tantricjourney.com/module-1a-courses-on-emotional-detox-through-clothes-on-bodywork-to-open-energy-pathways/


Certified Tantric Journey Educator


21 Feb, 22 May, 04 Sep, 27 Nov

10am (1st day 7pm) to 10pm

£3995 (Save £624)

Certified Teacher training course for small groups of 8, starts with Module 1a, 1b and 2 on the dates shown below. Rest of the training to be arranged to suit your schedule. Start a new career in Tantric Healing Massage or add new tools to your existing career. Heal yourself and learn to heal others through Emotional Detox through Tantric – Tao bodywork with Mal

More - https://www.tantricjourney.com/certified-tantric-journey-educator-ctje-training-courses-all-modules-1-2/


Tantric Healing Massage for Emotional Detox. Module 1b - Certified Tantric Journey Educator workshops for Couples, Individuals and practitioners


29 Feb - 02 Mar 2020, 30 May - 01 Jun 2020, 12 Sep - 14 Sep 2020, 05 Dec - 07 Dec 2020

10am to 10pm


Intensive Emotional Detox through Tantric – Tao Oil Bodywork Practical Training. Treat your mind as well as your body this year by embarking on Emotional Detox Oil Bodywork Practical Training course in beautiful Temple surrounding in London. Whether you are looking to introduce positive change to your life or train for a new career, our intensive Emotional Detox Oil Bodywork Practical Training Courses offer outstanding value and quality training.

Please note that no explicit sexual activity or nudity takes place during the class, other than the demonstration and practice for educational purposes.

More - https://www.tantricjourney.com/module-1b-courses-on-tantric-tao-oil-bodywork-to-flow-chi-energy-and-energy-orgasms/


Male – Female Prostate massage for Trauma release. Module 2 - Certified Tantric Journey Educator workshops for Couples, Individuals and practitioners


06 Mar - 09 Mar 2020, 05 Jun - 08 Jun 2020, 18 Sep - 21 Sep 2020, 11 Dec - 14 Dec 2020

10am to 10pm


Prostate Massage is something every man and woman must learn to give and receive. Prostate is also called the Sacred Spot or G spot of the man and the woman, where most of the trauma and negative emotions are stored. During this class you will learn how to give and receive a sacred spot massage which is also called G spot massage, Vaginal massage or Yoni massage (for women) and Prostate massage (for men). The purpose of this massage for women is to help release negative stagnant emotions through female ejaculation which is called Amrita in Sanskrit. Amrita is also called “Yoni Crying”, which is similar to releasing sadness through tear drops from your eyes.

More - https://www.tantricjourney.com/module-2-courses-male-female-prostate-de-armouring-to-release-deep-trauma-and-explore-bliss/


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